Always the last quarter of the month is where you’ll see silicon companies unleash their expensive hardware's and it’s a tradition that Apple always launches their new flagship at the end of the year. This year apple launches three models and one being the expensive of all smartphones.

The phone that had been rumored for over a year and the most expected device of this year is finally here. Is it good, bad or the best? here’s my full view of it.

At first, let’s be honest,

This phone has made everyone to think that it has so many features but when you look under the hood, these features has already been seen in many other different phones and if this isn’t an iPhone then this wouldn’t have got this much attention. Still, the combination of all these features in a single device has made this the most technologically advanced smartphone ever made. Apple stopped being innovative long time ago, they’re just perfecting features that they think will change smartphone industry.

Not the first but the best

the little notch,

The full-bezel less display with little notch will be in peoples hand in the coming year. It’ll change how we use our phones, gestures, face ID, AR will become a part of our life. What makes this phone so much powerful is the little notch it has at its top. At first, when I saw the notch, it was an imperfection to the phone, but this imperfection is what that makes this phone so much more. It has cameras that make AR a reality and detect your face like no other cameras with ML. AR and ML is a definite future that companies are hugely investing in it. Apple’s been smart to incorporate those two technologies in its device.

the processor,

Now let’s talk about the big part of the iPhone that makes AR and ML a reality. Apple’s been making their own processors for their iPhone for some time and they’re really doing a good job. A11 bionic chip in the current iPhone models is the fastest chip ever in a smartphone and it even beats current generation mac book pro in terms of performance. This is where Apple has a huge advantage over Android, their indigenous processors are future proof in terms of power and optimization so the iPhone's can be used for a long time without any lag. These processors also optimize photos taken making X’s camera most possibly the best.

design and display,

People don’t care about what the phone has but they care how their phone looks like. iPhone’s design is really aging now, iPhone 8 has a design that’s been around for more than three years. So, Apple changed the design of X so much that even if Steve were alive he wouldn’t have recognized it. The bezel less gorgeous display looks futuristic and the removal of the home button has made this design to happen. It really took courage to remove the home button but it was necessary. The glass back design brings wireless charging and also makes the phone more breakable. Even if it’s a durable glass it easily breaks than aluminum. This will be a big problem for the new iPhone users cause the phone is fully glass. If you’re going to buy this new iPhone take care as if you were taking a newborn baby. The display is OLED like the Samsung phones which makes the display more crispy and power efficient than LCD.


The main problem that X created is that it reduced the sales of 8 and 8 plus, when you know there’s a better phone right around the corner you don’t buy the available older designed phone. The other concern about this phone is that it may not be available for everyone who orders it until the first quarter of 2018. Also since this is the first generation of its kind I would wait for few months to buy to ensure that it doesn’t have any problems. Face ID is also making its entry to iPhone. Although I’m sure that Apple has done everything to its power to make it the best alternative to Touch ID, every first generation feature has its own problems.


This iPhone will be available in the coming month to the stores near you if it’s available enough. For me, this iPhone is the bridge between past and future of iPhone’s. I fell like this iPhone is complete. Apple has waited to ensure that they should give their best for the tenth anniversary and I think they did. If you think to buy this iPhone then don’t worry you’ll have the best smartphone in your hands.

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