The future Surface products are here!

4 min readOct 2, 2019

What just happened? How did Microsoft hide all these awesome things without leaking?

Surface hardware lineup.

If you didn’t catch the Surface event that happened today, then I’ll give you a brief post about the significant launches that Microsoft announced today.

Surface Pro X(Good iPad pro competitor).

Surface Pro X.

For years, PC manufacturers have been trying to include an ARM chipset in their device runningWindows 10, but they fail mainly because of the limitations of ARM chipset’s capability to run full Windows 10. Here comes the Surface Pro X with a custom ARM chipset called SQ1 processor, developed jointly by Microsoft and Qualcomm. This processor is powerful enough to run all the Windows 10 software and more, while also bringing the good parts of a mobile chipset such as better battery life, always-on display, LTE connection, etc. This device could be the start of ARM-Windows 10 revolution when other OEMs start to follow Microsoft’s footsteps. I am sure that it will bring about a significant change in everyday computing for casual users.

Custom Ryzen Surface processor and SQ1 Processor.

Surface Laptop 3(Rise of Ryzen).

Surface laptop 15 and 13inch.

AMD’s processor has been really good in recent times. It is on par or even better than equivalent Intel chips but it is still not seen in high-end laptops. That’s about to change because of the Surface Laptop 3(15inch model) which boasts a custom Ryzen Surface edition processor that outperforms all the laptops in its class. It has an integrated GPU core that outperforms the 13inch Macbook pro’s GPU performance by 70%. It still doesn’t compete with a dedicated GPU but still a big step for integrated GPU. It is a clear signal that AMD is rising not only as a budget chipset but as a powerful high-end one.

Intel will not be happy with these announcements as Qualcomm and…


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